Favorite 10 abandoned spots in 2014

by Kaylah Stroup
Earlier in the week I was going through my posts from 2014 to make up a little list of my favorites from the past twelve months. It was a great year, so naturally I had a lot of favorites. I was trying to keep the list varied but kept finding I wanted to add posts about abandoned places. They just kept adding up so I thought it might be fun to do a little recap of my favorite abandoned spots I visited in 2014. Well, I should reword that, these aren’t necessarily my favorite spots but ones that yielded the prettiest photos and my favorite blog posts.

Cleveland, Abandoned, Observatory,
Cleveland, Abandoned,
Cleveland, Abandoned, rubber ducks
salton sea,
Cleveland, Abandoned, church, decay
Cleveland, Abandoned,
amusement park, roller coaster

There is still so much to see in Cleveland but I’m hoping, in the new year, to make a few trips specifically to see some abandoned places I have my eye on. Here’s to 2015, may it be chock-full of adventures.

You can find the rest of my posts on abandoned places under the “abandoned” tag.

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