giant roadside animals

I made it one of my new year’s goals to take a series of photos of some sort. I’ve had quite a few idea for a series spinning around in my head for a while now and oddly enough, the one I ended up doing isn’t any of them. Hah. 

When I moved to Cleveland I put in a request for all my mail from my old home address, as well as my PO Box, to be forwarded to my new address. The mail from my PO Box never got forwarded though. I decided to stop in there and check since I thought it was a little strange that nothing addressed to that box was coming here. I discovered it was stuffed full of postcards and small packages. Inside on the of the packages was a pack of original Polaroid 600 film. (Thanks again, Chloe!!) This was right before June’s big trip out West, so it worked out perfectly. Had I received the film earlier I probably would have shot it on something else less exciting.*

Despite all the gorgeous scenery out West, I ended up shooting exclusively dinosaurs (with the exception of the giant beetle outside the May Museum) with the Polaroid film. I still had a few shots left when I got back so I decided to continue the theme and only shot giant animals. I ended up with seven dinosaur photos, one beetle, and a woolly mammoth. I  really enjoy seeing all the photos together. The colors turned out beautifully. Nothing beats original Polaroid!

Taking a series of photos will definitely be on my goal list again next year since it’s something I want to do more of. Seeing these photos together is just what I needed to get started.

*I mean, I don’t know about you but I think giant roadside animals are super exciting! Haha!

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