The Rubber Duck Factory

Last week some friends came up from Columbus to spend the day exploring Cleveland with me. I was racking my brain all week, trying to decided which places I knew of in the area would be perfect to take Jesi. We both prefer spots with things still left in them so that’s what I was really going for. I mapped out four fun spots. Our first stop would be the rubber duck factory. It’s not actually a rubber duck factory at all but I’m the sure pictures below will be able to give you some indication as to why its called that by other local explorers. It’s a large building, most likely used as some sort of warehouse. Now it’s filled with colorful graffiti, broken pallets, oodles of paperwork, and obviously rubber duckies. In a few rooms the roof has caved in. The building has very clearly seen better days and my guess would be that there’s no saving it now. Its in rough shape.

This was my third time visiting the building. The first time I visited this building I didn’t take any photos at all. The second time I went back I was excited to shoot the ducks but was ultimately disappointed when I found maybe a total of fifteen. I assumed people stealing them one by one eventually added up. This last time I knew there had to be more. So the three of us each set off to gather some. Even if we only ended up with fifty or so like I presumed would happen I would have been happy but after a few minutes, we hit the jackpot. In the lower level we found where they were all hiding. We grabbed boxes, started filling them, and within no time at all our pile was massive!

We ended up spending a few hours in that one building, just gathering ducks, taking pictures, telling TMI stories, giggling, and having a grand old time. It was perfect.

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