what I wore : black, white + colorful all over

jacket – Knitted Dove
sweater – Triangle Sweater c/o Oasap
necklace – Forever 21
ring – c/o Chinchar Maloney
skirt – Forever 21
tights – Modcloth
You know what doesn’t get translated well in outfit posts? The temperature. In snowy outfit posts everyone understands it’s cold. These pictures it doesn’t look so cold, right? NO. It was freezing. So very cold that I even saw a frozen snake. Seriously. 
I take my own pictures, by myself with a tripod and shutter release (despite having a photographer boyfriend because I won’t let him take pictures of me) so some days there is a lot of trial and error before getting what I want. Even with a camera with a flip out screen it’s still hard to frame my shots exactly the way I want them. Sometimes I can photograph an outfit in no time at all and other times it feels like it takes half a day (I’m exaggerating, obviously. It’s more like an hour tops if I’m struggling) It’s kind of funny because in the cold is normally when I have the most problems. I go through a cycle when of “Oh, it’s not that cold” to five minutes later being almost too cold to function properly. Eventually I get used to it which is when I end up calming down and getting shots I like but it never lasts long before the “Why are these not turning out? I’m so damn cold. Why am I doing this? I hate taking photos” attitude sets in. It’s the cold version of hangry. Cangry? But then I get home, edit the photos, and am super pumped with the final results.  
Despite any little uncomfortable moments, like freezing my fingers off or being embarrassed when I’m caught by a stranger, I really do love taking outfit photos. I missed them those few months I didn’t take any. I’m glad to be getting back into the habit. I hope the snow doesn’t end up messing up my groove. I’ve been documenting my style almost since the very beginning of this blog and I LOVE looking back through the what I wore archives. It’s kind of hilarious to watch my style evolve, so many embarrassing moments sprinkled in there. But I suppose if I, at one time, thought it looked cool, or I felt good in it that’s all that matter! I think my favorite part of it all though is watching my hair colors change from post to post.

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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