what I wore : bones

sweater – Skeleton Sweater c/o Oasap
overalls – H&M
jewelry – all from Extollo Jewlery

This is the worst time of the year. When there has been snow but we have a few warm days so it all melts leaving everything soggy and colorless. Everything just looks so dead. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly appreciate warm days thrown into the mix of temperatures in the single digits! I’m not complaining about the temperature or lack of snow, it’s just that it’s definitely not the prettiest time of the year. Taking pictures the woods at my parents made me thankful I have an abundance of colorful murals at my disposal in Cleveland. But hey, when in Rome…*

I’m pretty excited about this sweater. It’s a bit small which is disappointing. Either I got sent a slightly different (+much shorter) version than the others shown on the site or I’m WAY taller than everyone I saw pictured. But with high waist jeans, or a skirt, it’s perfect! I actually ordered it before Halloween but it only recently showed up. Guess there was a hold up in customs. No big deal though because I always said if I had a skeleton sweater I’d wear it year round. I mean what difference is it from my tooth jewelry? Same idea, and I definitely wear them all year round!

Speaking of this tooth necklace, I can’t wear it without thinking of my orthodontist. For one of my appointments I got all dressed up in tooth accessories thinking if there was one person who could appreciate my love of all things toothy it would be him. He spotted the ring and went on tangent about one people he went to college with. Apparently this other orthodontist went to a Halloween party as the tooth fairy. The kicker was that he wore a bandolier of real teeth. My ortho said this with such disgust. He couldn’t get over how gross it was. I was trying so hard to disappear into my seat, hoping he didn’t notice my necklace. As soon as he walked away I reached up to touch my necklace to find it had been tucked into my shirt the whole time. I was so relieved. It’s been nearly a year since I saw him but I still think of that day when I wear the necklace.

*I typed this, thought about it a second, and then cracked up. That’s obviously a saying but it’s funny because my parent’s mailing address is in Rome. Rome, Ohio but still!

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