what I wore : good vibes only!

sweatshirt – Mulberry Press Co.
necklace – c/o Shlomit Ofir
jeans – TJ Maxx
This sweatshirt was my one and only Black Friday purchase. I recently discovered Mulberry Press Co on instagram and was bummed to find her shop was completely empty. The night of Thanksgiving I was having trouble sleeping so I was scrolling through intstagram when I saw she posted that a huge update and sale would be happening at midnight. So I tiptoed out of bed, made myself a cup of tea, and settled down in front of the computer. I refreshed the screen at exactly midnight, checked out, and was in back in bed by five after. I like online shopping, it’s almost too easy! Hah! I didn’t have to face any crowds, got exactly what I wanted and was able to get back to my warm bed in no time.

The beach is so quiet this time of the year. It’s incredibly cold but my goodness, the glass pickin’ is GOOD. I went with the intent just to take outfit photos, quick in and out thing since it was frigid but couldn’t help but stop and pick some up. It’s hard to ignore when it’s so abundant. I didn’t take any of it home except the piece pictured above. It’s such a beautiful color, certainly not one I find often.


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