2015 New Years Goals

I know a lot of people are new year resolution naysayers but I’ve always loved making goals for the new year. I like making lists, and even more than that I like crossing things off lists. Each year I share my goals on the blog in hopes to inspire others to set, and achieve goals, and because it keeps me accountable. Here’s what I’m planning to do in 2015…

◦ Bike 1000 miles. In 2015 I want to bike 1000 miles total. Okay, honestly, I’d really love to smash 1000 miles but that is a lofty goal for someone who doesn’t have a daily commute, and bikes purely for fun. So, 1k here I come!

◦ Take a 50 mile bike ride. The longest bike ride I’ve ever been on was thirty miles long, and it was a blast! This year I want to take at least one fifty mile bike ride.

◦  Shoot a series of photos. I added this goal to my list mid-year last year and did it but in 2015 I’d like to accomplish it with a bit more gusto!

◦  Take more daily life photos. I’ve come a really long way from the Kaylah that was afraid to take pictures in public but I’m still a bit hesitant to pull out my camera in group situations. My friends are all kind of intimidatingly talented behind the camera which leads to me not taking pictures when I might really want to. In 2015 I want get comfortable pulling my camera out to take candid photos that I know will mean a lot to me. I want photos when we go out for taco Tuesday, when we go on bikes rides, everything!

◦  Take a roadtrip. If there ever was a self explanatory goal, this was it. 2014 took me to many places I had never been before and put a bug under my skin to travel more. I’m not picky about where I end up, just so long as I get on the road this year!

◦  Practice city photography. I am,
without a doubt, more comfortable shooting nature photos. Like I’ve
mentioned a handful of times before, up until I moved to Cleveland cities in
general were absolutely foreign to me. Now that thats all changed photographing the city is
I really would like to practice a lot more.

◦  Blog more locally. I think I’ve made it incredibly apparent, I love Cleveland. I want to show everyone why though. I want to convince you Cleveland is a place you need to visit at some point.

◦  Photobooth a month. Continuing this goal from 2014. Not sure if I’ll do the sign with the month and year on it again since if I forgot it that meant I had to go back out, and I really don’t go to the mall that often. But I did enjoy having an excuse to hop in the photobooth once a month, and if done over a really long period of time I think it will be awesome to look back on. So here’s to twelve more months of me in a photobooth!

◦  Learn bicycle maintenance. I want to learn to properly care for my bike, and be confident that if anything were to happen while I was out on my own I could fix it instead of having to call for help.

◦  Try twenty new foods. Last year I squashed my “picky eater” title. I realized I wasn’t really a picky eater, I was just someone who hadn’t experienced a lot of different foods. I found a bunch of new things I didn’t know were so tasty; orange chicken, sun dried tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, muenster cheese, pumpkin pie, turkey and probably a few more things I can’t think of right this second. This year I want to try at least twenty new things and document them, even if it’s just a quick iPhone picture.

◦  Go gluten free…for a trial period of time. For as long as I can remember I’ve had chronic headaches. I had a bunch of tests done maybe ten years ago to make sure nothing was seriously wrong with me but the one thing they never suggested was changing my diet. At my last optometrist appointment I told the doctor about my headaches, hoping glasses would help them. He suggested going gluten free. It’s not something I want to do at all but if there is a possibility it will cut down on my headaches I’m will to give it a go. Anyone else get chronic headaches? Find anything that helps?

◦  Continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. 2014 was an insane year for personal growth for me. I absolutely still struggle with overcoming my shyness at times though. I will continue to grow in 2015 (and beyond!!!!)

This list seems kind of short so maybe in a few weeks or even sometime much later I’ll add a few more things but right now these are the things that I’m wanting to accomplish. Here’s to making 2015 an even better year than 2014. It’s a tall order but I can do it!


Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Great goals for the year!!!
    I used to have chronic migraines… 3-6 a week. I cut out gluten and soy (and switched to a plant-based diet) and no longer have migraines!! If I eat gluten or soy now, though, I get almost an instant headache. An elimination diet might be the way to go to see if food is affecting your headaches!

  • I am gluten free (most of the time) and it find it be very helpful to how I feel. It is a lot easier to do, I think, than it used to be – there are so many foods that I enjoy that have GF options as well. But gluten is in itself a flammatory so that could easily be why you are getting headaches. Doesn't hurt to try, right? If you have any other questions feel free to email me!

  • I've had chronic headaches and migraines for a long time. A doctor suggested I try to go gluten free and if anything, I felt worse. I found out I was allergic to soy and highly allergic to lupine, which is fed to a lot of animals and added to a lot of foods. Maybe you should get tested for different allergies just in case!

  • I'm gluten, dairy, and caffeine free. I had wanted to try just going gluten free years ago, but i was intimidated! I read a lot of the health benefits, but couldn't imagine a diet without it. Being a huge bread fan (i'd bake loaves by hand! or invite friends over for fresh pizza).

    I got diagnosed with a chronic illness, and put on meds, but stuck with a lot of symptoms. Asked about gluten and my doctor thought it was unrelated. Basically cut out gluten and slowly a lot of nasty symptoms disappeared! Less headaches, more energy, depression drastically reduced, etc. I don't crave those foods anymore.

    Gluten free for over a year and dairy free for about 3 months. If you ever want to chat, i'm around. But i'll say, it's worth a try if you feel even a little better. Seriously, my energy was so depleted i could only stay awake a few hours at a time. When i went home to visit, i spent most of my time napping.