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Last week I posted a survey just to get a better idea of who is reading and what types of posts you guys were interested in seeing. I plan on posting the results of the survey soon but one thing I kept seeing over and over was “more daily life!!!” It’s kind of funny because essentially everything I post is daily life. My days are spent working on the blog, exploring my city, biking, and doing other activities I share here. The day after that was posted Jeff, Brandon and I spent the day together. I thought it would be kind of fun to share a more “daily life” approach to our adventures.

We started the day at an estate sale about an hour away from home. It was advertised as being packed full of mid century modern treasures. Needless to say, it was crowded. We grabbed a number, then headed over to Dunkin Donuts where I proceeded to fall flat on my butt. The floor was wet from all the snow. We arrived back at the estate sale right as our numbers were called but the home was so full it was hard to shop. That might just be my biggest estate sale pet peeve ever. It wasn’t a big house, having thirty or so people squished in is rough. It wasn’t all a bust though because I did find a plant stand. This plant stand, I have been hunting for it for years! It’s going to look awesome when it actually has plants on it.

Since we weren’t really on our turf we decided to make the best of the day and check out a few abandoned buildings in the area. Hilariously the local newspaper had shared a list of abandoned buildings slated to be demolished so we had a pretty nice little list at our disposal.

First stop was an abandoned church. Apparently after the church was used as such, it was used as a doctors office. I’m not really sure why there would still be a pulpit and a pew if it were a doctors office after a church but there was a doctor’s table upstairs and I really like the story so lets go with it!

Next stop was a Mexican restaurant. We didn’t go inside, just shot a bunch of exterior shots. I LOVE the giant cactus. Both the cactus and the sign had neon lights on them that have since begun to sag. It’s incredible to see what happens to things we build after we leave them.

Some apartments above a bar.

Then there was the Polish-American club. I didn’t take very many photos here but the ones I did take were some of my favorites of the day. This place was pretty awesome. The back room was amazing. It was full of papers, records and other miscellaneous items that gave so much history. It’s like one day they just decided not to come back. I can’t believe how many files and such were still there. There was even a registry of all the members. Beside some names that had been crossed out it said “deceased” and the date they died. I took a photo of it for myself but figured it was maybe a little too personal to share here.

Last stop of the day were some cottages. We were trying to locate another building when I spotted these and exclaimed “those look abandoned!!” Sure enough they were. There were maybe a dozen of them. They looked really neat from the outside but were actually pretty boring. Nothing left inside, just empty buildings. The most exciting find there was what was probably the grossest bathroom I have EVER seen. Just bird poop and bugs EVERYWHERE. So of course, I thought it was a good idea to take a selfie with Jeff.

Beside the cottages was a really old cemetery. There were only a few headstones standing but we quickly realized there were a whole bunch buried under the snow. Most of them were so worn you couldn’t decipher a date.

I’m not 100% who would ever think it was an awesome idea to build cottages beside the cemetery like that but it definitely made for a fun find for me. Below is my favorite headstone I found. Out of all the cemeteries I’ve been to and the different things I’ve seen on headstones, I have never seen a girl like this. I love how spooky she looks. 

After that we headed home and of course, went our separate ways once back in Cleveland because none of us can ever wait to edit our photos.

And there’s a pretty accurate look at a normal day with my friends.

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