Project 365 // days 16 – 22

16 : 365 An abandoned church found on a day spent exploring.
 17 : 365 Squid and my new plant stand that is doubling as a body part stand for now. The second photo is of some jealous puppy who can’t stand not being the center of attention.
 18 : 365 Chuck Palahniuk’s newest book. You can expect a book post this coming week.
 19 : 365 Jeff‘s birthday! We celebrated by eating at his favorite restaurant and then catching a view from up high. I barely took any photos because cold air, a super full belly, and running up one million stairs as fast as you can isn’t a good mix. I spent most of my time up there trying not to puke, and being frustrated I didn’t feel well. All I wanted was to shoot photos! My night photography has improved ten fold since the last time I was up there. Luckily, Jason took a bunch of photos and wrote a blog post which can be found here.
20 : 365 Every few 365 posts deserves some plant photos, aye?
 21 : 365 “Wanna take a photo of me juggling snowballs?” OF COURSE I do, Jeff!
22 : 365 Finally starting to hang things on my bulletin board.


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