project 365 // days 23 – 29

23 : 365 A toasted marshmallow caught playing with a tennis ball.
 24 : 365 Wanna know a secret? I’d never had a muffin until recently. I mean I guess I had tried them but I always kind of felt they were sad versions of cupcakes. Dang dude, I’ve been missing out. Just like all my recently discovered food obsessions, I’ve been making up for lost time.
 25 : 365 Sparks sent me over a crazy awesome box of hair dye. Of course, I had just dyed my hair a few days previous so testing these out will have to wait a little while but I am excited!
 26 : 365 Photographed some Lush products for another review.
27 : 365 My little bird watcher. One of our new neighbors is kind of maybe definitely a crazy bird lady. She feeds the birds outside at least a full load of bread daily which is awesome for my cats. The both just sit in the windows and chirp about it all day.
28 : 365 Snowy outfit photos for a post next week.
29 : 365 Chatbooks recently sent over this little book of my instagram photos. It would be awesome to have a whole little stack of these with different themes. I definitely want to get a few after this year’s roadtrip. The books are only $6 and they have free shipping PLUS you can use the code “theda146” to get your first book when you subscribe to your Instagram Series.

I can’t believe the first month of the year is nearly over already! I swear each year goes faster and faster.

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