project 365 // days 8 – 15

8 : 365 Klaus thinks he’s a lap dog, it’s kind of the cutest thing ever. I somehow ended up with the three snuggliest animals.
9 : 365 Cleaning tunes!
 10 : 365 Pepper with a little bit of eggs. I LOVE pepper, I apparently just can’t get enough of it.
11 : 365 Jeff had an engagement shoot in Akron. Jake and I tagged along to help out. Despite the fact it was freezing, we took some photos of our own afterwards. You can see Jeff’s shot of the couple here. It’s pretty dang awesome.
12 : 365 Another shot from Monday’s snowy bike ride.
13 : 365  Head of the house.
14 : 365 My upstairs neighbor. I could hear this dude making quite a racket in my attic. A few minutes later I went outside to grab some things from my car and he was sitting out on the roof chattering up a storm.
15 : 365 A little corner of my desk that’s coming along. Well, not really. Just because it has stuff on it doesn’t mean it’s coming along. I am pretty fond it though. I’m really really excited about my office. It’s going to be such an awesome room when it’s finished. Right now though it’s kind of a disaster zone but I guess for being in my apartment just over a week, it’s looking pretty good!

I’m hoping to catch up on some more reading today. On Thursday I actually spent the majority of my day reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I’m three quarters of the way through and loving every second. I forgot how awesome it feels to get lost in a book. I’m not guaranteeing anything but hopefully you’ll see a book post from me sometime in the next month. I’ve miss reading.

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