Road Trip Day Dreaming

Last June Jeff and I took a pretty epic road trip across six states
out West. It was easily one of the best weeks of my life. We saw so much
and had an AMAZING time. Plus since our relationship was so new then it
was an incredible bonding trip for us. It wasn’t long after we got
home, probably about a week, before we were talking about taking another
trip. Nothing serious, just mentioning here and there what might be
fun. We both love traveling and want to see the world so just about every possible place got thrown out there.

Earlier in the week we started to make real plans. Not reeeal plans
just started talking a little more seriously about this year’s trip.
Now it’s eating at me. I can’t stop thinking about our possible trip. 
We’re thinking the Pacific Northwest. Similar to our last trip, we’d fly
into a major city, rent a car and just driiiiive. 
The internet is obviously an amazing resource and we’ll both be
scouring it for things but I would hate to accidentally overlook
something amazing. (On our last trip we were SO close to the other Wigwam Village
and I didn’t even know until it was too late. It’s killing me now
because we would have obviously stayed at it and I would be able to
cross that off my bucket list!)
We both love kitschy roadside
attractions, tourist traps, and the like but on this trip we’d also like
to do more “nature stuff” for lack of a better way to put it. I would
LOVE to visit a tide pool and be able to see a starfish. I want to photograph mountains, waterfalls, all the weird critters you guys have out there (y’all, banana slugs! I saw one when I visited my brother in Seattle like five years ago and I still think about how cool that thing was all the time!) and I’d be one very happy lady if I finally got to see my absolute favorite mushroom, Amanita muscaria, in person! SO, PNW folks – what are some MUST SEE things out there? Parks, museums, beaches, great views, incredible abandoned places, etc – Lemme hear ’em!

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Like I mentioned above, I can’t stop thinking about this trip despite the fact nothing is set in stone yet. I’ve just been constantly scheming how I can save money for the trip, where we’ll go and of course, what I’ll bring. I made a fun little wish list of a few things I wouldn’t mind bringing along. I love window shopping, especially when I have a theme in mind. As someone who loved, but no longer gets to go, “back to school” shopping, shopping for a road trip is the next best thing! It’s no surprise I’m always trying to think of an excuse to buy some new Palladium Boots. I bought a bunch of boots this winter but I’ll be needing some shoes to wear with shorts in better weather. Lovin’ the green pair. And that bag by Fjällräven?!
Not only is it gorgeous, it’d be perfect to stash away at least a few
of the many many cameras that will be accompanying me on the trip!

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  • Hey Lady!

    An hour north of Seattle is Skagit Valley. It's a gorgeous little place. Take HWY 20 East to Lake Diablo. Make a stop in Sedro-Woolley at the old asylum. You can freely visit the barns but getting into Northern State Mental Hospital is trickier. After that continue to Concrete and go to the Devils Tower! It's part of an old quarry mine.

    On your way back from Diablo you have to check out Bellinghams downtown & Fairhaven areas. Take Chuckanut Drive back to Skagit. It has the most beautiful views of the bay. Lots of places to stop and hike down to the traintracks and water. If you are feeling a little risky there is Teddy Bear Cove. It's sometimes a nudist beach but it's a beautiful place. Drive Chuckanut at Sunset. I lived there most of my life and Chuckanut never gets old.

    You are going to fall in love with the PNW. No doubts about that.
    Much luck!

  • I was so happy to see someone excited to come to the PNW!! I've lived in the Seattle area my whole life and I think it's the perfect place. (In my extremely biased opinion, haha) There is a ton of outdoor activities to do. Some of my favorites is the hike up to the ice caves (it's a pretty easy hike), snoqualmie falls and deception pass (it's gorgeous). Downtown Seattle has lots of touristy (but fun) stuff. I like the Seattle underground tour, there's even a haunted one if that's your thing. There is a Pike Place Market tour, also a haunted version there too. There's a couple different food tours around there that I recommend too, really good food! For fun factor I'd visit the troll under the bridge in Fremont. Ah, too much fun stuff! Can't wait to see where you go! I hope you enjoy your trip if you make it up here.

  • I've always lived in/near Seattle, so I have lots of favorites. I agree with a lot of the suggestions of others: Olympic National Park (Hurricane Ridge is amazing, as is all the rest), the Washington/Oregon coast, The Hwy 101 loop around the Olympic Peninsula, Skagit Valley, Olympia, my hometown of Bainbridge Island (a 30-minute ferry ride from Seattle), Bellingham, and oh my god so much more. Even the city I live in, Renton, which is just south of Seattle, has a cute downtown with lots of shopping and amazing places to eat!

  • I live in Seattle now and grew up in the Columbia River Gorge. For waterfalls I highly recommend driving west along the Historic Columbia River Highway from Cascade Locks, OR. There are tons of places to park and hike to waterfalls. Multnomah Falls is cool but there are lots of other ones that are better hikes and less crowded with tourists. I also recommend a stop at the Vista House, along the same highway. There are amazing views of the Columbia River. On the Washington side of the Columbia River, Beacon Rock is a cool hike with a great view at the top and lots of great photo-taking opportunities along the way.

    One lesser known waterfall that you should really see is Falls Creek Falls. It's near my hometown of Carson, WA and it's a nice hike up to an amazing triple waterfall.