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The last few months of the year and the beginning of the next year Modcloth seems to have awesome sale after awesome sale. Right now they’re having their “Now or Never Sale“. It’s up to 70% off tons of items.

Life has been HECTIC lately to say the least but window shopping is one of my absolute favorite ways to decompress (It’s not better than Zelda though. I’m having way too much fun playing Hyrule Warriors!) So I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the sale section. I’m pretty bummed about the badger sweater is sold out in my size. After getting the hedgehog sweater (seen in this post!) made by the same company I’m kind of feeling like it would be awesome to just have an army of animal sweaters.

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Well, I’m back to unpacking! The new place is coming along nicely. I didn’t realize how much larger it was than my last apartment until I started putting stuff away and still had room left over for more big furniture. I also have a much larger closet, maybe I should treat myself to one of the dresses up there! 😉

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