Snowy Monroe Street Cemetery

On Monday I took my first real bike ride in the snow. I’d ridden while it was snowing before, but never with snow on the road. I haven’t been living in Cleveland too long but long enough to notice they definitely don’t take as nice care of the roads as they do in Lakewood. So this was my first ride on slushy, dirty, icky snow. It was…scary? I don’t know, I just know I’m not exactly a fan. I’d much rather ride in colder weather but with no snow. Drivers are bad enough in perfect weather so riding in this when people are slipping and sliding around is terrifying. Maybe if I had somewhere important to be I wouldn’t mind taking my bike but biking around in this for fun just seems dangerous.

On my short, 2 mile ride around the neighborhood I swung by Monroe Street Cemetery. It had been snowing all day and I had a feeling it would look beautiful there. Surprise, surprise, it was!! Cemeteries are always peaceful to begin with but with fresh, untouched snow it really takes it up a notch. If all of winter was like I wouldn’t mind it as much as I do but in no time the snow will begin to melt, patches of ground will make the snow brown, everything will be soggy, and just sad looking. Fresh snow just makes it feel like everything is perfect, and right if even for just a moment. Even if I didn’t love the ride there or back I’m glad I got to experience the cemetery right then.

I guess you’ve gotta try it before you knock it but snow riding isn’t for me. I don’t mind the cold too much so I’ll be back out just as soon as the snow clears up a bit! See ya soon, bicycle.


Author: Kaylah

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