what I wore : #iamunique

jacket – Knitted Dove
belt – gift
cardigan – Modcloth
necklace – Erica Bello Jewelry
tights – amazon
bag – Target
moth brooch – handmade
tooth brooch – Vinca via Fab

Yeah, what I said yesterday about an outfit post hiatus – nope. Haha. It was kind of funny that as soon as that posted I was like “I feel like taking outfit photos!” It was snowing pretty hard, and the roads were a wreck but it was surprisingly not that cold outside. Jeff and I headed down to my new favorite outfit spot, where the kitty lives. (I didn’t see that majestic little beast. Hoping I do next time!) We shot some photos together, most of which I did an awesomely bad job focusing on or else I would share. Then while I shot more photos of myself he wandered around and took some photos of the trains that were stopped on the track. I somehow always forget what a big difference getting some fresh air makes on my attitude. It was a really nice way to start the day. Getting a super awesome dessert with breakfast at Bonbon after the photos doesn’t hurt either…

This outfit is part ofΒ  #iamunique campaign by Unique Vintage.Β  It’s a year long campaign to celebrate how you express your own unique style, embrace your own unique body, and embody your own uniqueness. I’ve been chosen to be apart of the Style Society along side four other awesome bloggers.Β  I’m so excited to be a part of something so positive like this. You can use hashtag #iamunique to check out some of the others involved and share your own photos!

Shout out to my horse belt for working open one of the buttons on my dress! I was going to photoshop it so it looked buttoned but figured it wasn’t a huge deal. I may take oodles of photos of myself to share but they certainly aren’t all perfect. I toss so many photos for dumb things like my collar sitting wrong, or my necklace hanging the wrong way. It’s stupid, really. So on that note, here is one of those slightly out of focus shots of Jeff and I that I mentioned above because despite the fact it’s soft, it’s really adorable.

Hope you have a most excellent Thursday!

oh, also, say hi to blue/green hair!

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