project 365 // 38 – 44

38 : 365 Can’t take a picture of the new rug – or anything – without this boy in it. He’s seriously the sweetest. He’s always just following me around, and getting in all my shots.
 39 : 365 Yay new growth! Boo out of focus photos!
 40 : 365 Kadee sent me over a handful of her prints. I actually took everything off my bulletin board just so I could fit this on it.
 41 : 365 Not so rare sighting of a dog trying to hatch some tennis balls. Let it be noted that I didn’t put all those toys in bed with him. He gathers his things, one by one, and makes himself a little nest.
 42 : 365 Took outfit photos and took a few too many photos of my new tote. I even liked the tag, shaped like a library book card with names on it, so much that I left it on.
43 : 365 Feelin’ fancy!
44 : 365 Jeff came over to paint while I worked. I swear the cats like him more than they like me, not that they don’t like me they just super duper love him.


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