project 365 // days 30 – 37

30 : 365 A drawer of tiny dentures at Big Fun.

 31 : 365 I’m a sucker for french bread pizzas. I can never resist when Target has them on sale. I’m not pretending that I only buy them when they’re on sale. I just mean that when they’re on sale I buy even more than normal. I love loading them up with extras; feta cheese, pepperoni and a boatload of banana peppers are my favorite.

 32 : 365 New goodies from Explorer’s Press. I’m crazy about the film pin.
 33 : 365 My little bat.
 34 : 365 Bouqs sent me over a bouquet of lillies. First of all, let’s talk about the fact these puppies ship from either an active volcano (!!!) in South America or California. I mean California is cool and all but you guys, a volcano! They only cut what is ordered so no flowers are wasted. They shipped quick, arrived in pristine condition, bloomed in a few days and are absolutely beautiful. Yeah, Bouqs is pretty cool in my book!
 35 : 365 I finally got around to figuring out what I wanted on my living room walls. I like picking out things to decorate with but I hate hanging things. Luckily Jeff was a good sport while I bossed him around. “No, a tiny bit higher. To the left. Uh, I don’t think so…” I can’t walk into the room now without just stopping and taking a second to admire it. This place is looking SO gooooood! 
After Jeff was done he sat down and Professor immediately hopped up and started nuzzling him. I darted into my office, grabbed the camera and captured this super sweet moment. It might just be my new all time favorite photo. I can’t look at it without
getting butterflies. Those two are seriously way. too. cute. 
36 : 365 Not a very pretty photo, but a very important one nonetheless. Squid is head animal in this household. She commands respect from the others and she has never liked Klaus. It used to be that if she was in the hall, Klaus was in the bedroom and I was on the other side of the hall calling him he wouldn’t come because he was afraid of her. And now look at them here, sharing a ray of sunshine. This is seriously such a big deal. I doubt I’ll catch them cuddling any time soon but moving into this new apartment did wonders for the animals. I don’t think they were unhappy in the old one but they’re definitely LOVING it here which makes me love it even more.
 37 : 365 Jeff and I took a trip to Pittsburgh just to go to Ikea to pick up a specific rug that I thought would tie my living room together (spoiler alert : it does. I cannot wait to share photos!!!!) We, of course, had to stop for macarons too. These are from Jean-Marc Chatellier’s French Bakery, literally the absolute best I’ve ever had. I bought one of each flavor, I can’t even choose a favorite.

Pretty awesome week if I do say so myself!

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