project 365 // days 45 – 51

45: 365 Jeff kept saying he didn’t know what our plans were for Valentine’s Day so I wasn’t expecting too much. When we woke up that morning he asked what time it was. 8:30, I responded. “Good because we have breakfast reservations at La Petite Triangle at 10″ That’s my favorite little spot, they have the most delectable lemon curd crepe so I was pretty giddy. When we arrived there were flowers on our table waiting for me that he had went and dropped off the night before. D’awww! I might have cried a little bit about how sweet that was. It was a wonderful morning. La Petite Triangle is a super cozy cafe and coupled with the snow falling outside, it was absolutely lovely!
When we got back home I found these two being absolutely ridiculous. Running around like crazy, pouncing on each other, and tunneling under the drop cloth. When I got out the camera they stopped, and acted like “What?! We weren’t doing anything!”
46 : 365 Current work in progress.
 47 : 365 Sleepy little dude. See the cute little birthmark on his tongue? I love it.
 48 : 365 Packing to take a quick trip with Jeff. I just realized I kind of have a habit of photographing my cameras before trips.  
See here, here, + here.
49 : 365 Our first stop was a scenic overview in Frederick, Maryland. I approached the ledge first, when I looked over I spotted a herd of deer. There were at least ten or so of them. I kiiind of scared them off before Jeff could come look by saying “AWWWWW!” really loud. Sorry again.
50 : 365 A few of Thursday’s stops; an abandoned house, cactus outside someone’s house, and a giant viking statue.
51 : 365 Instant photo from the day previous.
You can read more about this camera here.


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