project 365 // days 52 – 58

52 : 365 All finished up! I’m pretty pumped about how this piece turned out.
 53 : 365 So much sass in one little cat.
 54 : 365 Three in one picture again… even if one is hiding in the shadows.
 55 : 365 This tiny little corner of my office was driving me nuts. It wasn’t incredible messy but let me tell you, it looks a million times nicer now. It’s so satisfying to me to get even one small area organized.

56 : 365 Caught this creeper snooping in my purse.
 57 : 365 Monthly photobooth picture, and new gum. I kind of have a gum thing where I have to buy any new flavor or brand I’ve never seen before. I found these in World Market. Both are kiiind of strange, especially the birthday cake. I’ve never actually had gum that literally tasted like cake, and this one does.
58 : 365 Apartment, sweet apartment.


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