what I wore : “just jeans”

sweater – Triangle Sweater c/o Oasap
ring – Urban Outfitters
coat – Yellow Parka c/o Oasap
boots – Palladium Boots via Zulily

Someone, anonymously of course, recently said something along the lines of ‘why do you still post outfit photos? You only wear jeans anymore, you don’t care about fashion!’ It struck me as funny because it’s such a strange way to think. Like if I’m not wearing cute frilly dresses I’m not allowed to post photos of it which is downright silly. I’ve never loved the word “fashion”, I’ve never claimed to be a “fashion blog”, I just love taking pictures of my outfits. No matter if I feel like wearing a dress, tights and heels or jeans, boots and a cozy sweater I like documenting it. It’s fun to take outfit photos, and it’s fun to watch my style evolve over time.

For a long time I didn’t wear jeans often because I didn’t feel comfortable in them. I felt like I always looked like I was dressed down. It’s not an accurate view of how I looked though, it was a confidence thing based solely on how I felt. Maybe my style now is a bit more ‘boring’ than it used to be since I’ve embraced jeans (although I would hardly call my look boring – I mean c’mon!) but it’s mine. I feel confident. I’m proud of what I wear. I know I look awesome. I want to shout it from the mountain tops. I don’t have a mountain top though, I have a blog.

I’m here to promote self confidence, pride in one’s self, and encourage everyone to do their own thing. If you want to wear yoga pants and a sports bra or a cute frilly dress with a peter pan collar or anything in between, I’ve got your backΒ  It doesn’t matter what you wear, if you feel good then girl, you look good and you should never be ashamed to shout it out!
ps. looks like my kitty friend is still hanging around this building! Hopefully he’ll make more blog appearances once it warms up.


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