bike style

 jacket – Target
shirt – TJ Maxx
boots – Palladium Boots
camera bag – Lowepro Fastpack 250
explorer pin Explorer’s Press
good vibes only pin – Pintrill
bicycle – State Bicycle Co.

My bike is has become a huge part of my life, if you couldn’t tell. It has, without a doubt, changed my life. It’s my favorite possession – even ranked above my camera which is saying a lot. I try to find at least a little bit of time everyday to ride. It’s what makes me the happiest.

Last summer I shared my typical bike outfit. That was Kaylah who had only been on a bike for a few months, and was still figuring out what I liked to bike in. I was having issues with being comfortable on my saddle, and found that things without a seam in the crotch made all the difference. Cue me buying a million pairs of comfy yoga shorts and pants. They got me through but now I’m trying to expand what I wear on my bike. I could (and have) read a million articles about being stylish while biking but I need to figure out what’s comfortable for me.

Here’s where “bike style” comes in. These posts will be just like my outfit posts except they’ll be things I’m wearing on bike rides. It’s a way to challenge myself to wear something other than yoga pants and a cozy black tee. I love that, it does look cute, and I’m sure you’ll end up seeing me wearing it at some point but I want to expand so that doesn’t end up being what I wear all summer long.

Currently I’m just trying to get back into biking in jeans. It caused me so much pain over the summer that I swore them off completely. Now I’m figuring out it all depends on the jeans and how big the seam is. These jeans are super cozy to ride in the only downside is they’re turning blue saddle. Hah! Luckily it’s nothing some bleach wipes can’t fix!


Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • I've been bike commuting for about 3 yrs now and I really like it. I never wear bike specific clothes (eg: spandex, padded shorts, etc), just regular clothes. However one of my biggest pet peeves is "crotch-blowout" where the crotch of your pants wear out too fast from rubbing against the saddle. I'd be interested in hearing how these and other bottoms you wear regularly biking hold up with time.

  • I like this series you're starting! If you're still looking for bike jeans, I know Levi's is finally starting to make women's 'seamless' bike jeans, although I bought a pair from Swrve (men's only bike clothing, boo!) and resized them the fit me. works great.

    I wanted to reply to your response to Cole, about why pple ride fixed. I totally agree with you about how awesome it is to feel the power when you pedal, there's more momentum, it's lighter without a cassette. I had to go back to single speed when I messed up my knees trying to brake with my legs πŸ™ it's slower, but I love the feeling of standing on my pedals again and coasting! whole other world feeling.

  • I remember the first post about your bike and how clean it was. Now you have so much history with it and it can be seen from your bike πŸ™‚ Doing things that make us happy is the greatest <3