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Sharing my vanity the week before last inspired me to share another corner of my office before the whole room tour. I know I’ve showcased my collection of curiosities a few times here on the blog (see here + here) but it’s an ever-changing ever-growing kind of thing, and I just really love sharing photos of these things. I collect a lot of things but these might be some of my favorites.

skulls, pig skull, bonescollection of teeth, skullsoddities, skulls, dead butterflies

 My last apartment was essentially perfect for my collection of oddities so I was little nervous that anything after that just wouldn’t compare. While this place doesn’t have awesome built in cabinets, I do have a lot more room to spread out my collection. I loved having it all in one room, kind of like a mini museum but since this apartment is much larger I’ve been able to spread out my collection. What’s in this cabinet is all my natural type stuff. Real teeth, bones, skulls, dead butterflies, whiskers, claws, a snake skin, etc.

The current pride of my collection are the whiskers, seen in the fourth photo. I’ve been collecting them for a few years now and it’s still so strangely satisfying to find them. Even if it usually happens when I’m laying on the carpet stretching and one pokes into me. I even have a few of Klaus’ that I’ve found in his bedding.

Someday I’d love to make everything look more organized. I love the way it’s sort of chaotic but the idea of labeling everything including what year they’re from, what they are, and where they came from has popped into my head quite a few times lately. Maybe when I grow old I’ll be able to have my own little museum that will be on Roadside America. “Ms. Kaylah’s marvelous collection of oddities.” The description will be something about a green haired old lady with colorful wrinkly tattoos who has tons of weird stuff you can go inside her place and see for a small fee. Hehe!

A super quick Q+A of things that always get asked:
Where do you get all those things? Here and there! Estate sales, ebay, the trash (seriously…), and sometimes folks are even nice enough to send me things that would fit in my collection perfectly. Yes, I am totally interested in any dentures, teeth, or weird things you may find!
Did you kill all those butterflies? No way. I found all of
them dead on the beach a few years back. Monarch butterflies migrate
and sometimes they just don’t make it. No idea what caused so many to
die there that day but there were tons.
Did you kill  _____? Nope, everything in my collection was found dead.
Do you clean your own skulls? I do.
Will you share a tutorial on cleaning skulls? I’ve thought long and hard about this one and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s probably not really the best idea since it is a rather gross hobby. I also have yet to find any super comprehensive tutorials but as soon as I do I will link to them in case anyone is interested.

I’m excited to share the rest of this room, and then the rest of my collections. This place is pretty darn cute, I’m super proud of how it’s coming along.

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