project 365 // days 66 – 72

66 : 365 My lap dog.
 67 : 365 One of my father’s other children.
 68 : 365 Epic Blend lip balm sent me over a pretty epic package. They have so many awesome flavors, which when I was typing this up realized included banana. (!!!?!) So far my favorite has been green apple.
69 : 365 Plant babies!
I hate that my first instinct is to say something negative about this but here’s something I recently painted. What I will say is that it’s a massive improvement from where I started and that’s what really matters so I’m proud. If you missed it I blogged about watercolors, new hobbies + comparisons last week. I’d say it’s a pretty important post.
70 : 365 Klaus and I went for a morning walk to try to find a piece of cord from my remote that I had dropped the day previous. This week is the first that it’s been nice enough to really get out so we took a nice long walk that I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed more. I managed to find my cord too!
71 : 365 Five morning miles, then five night miles. Have I mentioned lately how nice it is to be outside again? Heh!
72 : 365 Sunrise from my kitchen window. It’s so nice to live in a house now where I have windows on all four sides, instead of an apartment building where I just had windows on one side. I can see sunrise from my kitchen, and bedroom and sunset from my office (and porch!) I love it here so much. I think it’s basically impossible for me to watch the sunrise and not just feel good.

It was a super busy weekend hence the few day late 365 post. We had an absolutely gorgeous few days here which meant I was not sitting in front of my computer. With the weather finally warming up, I need to reevaluate my schedule so I can do the everything I need to do and still be able to be outside a lot. This year more than ever I just want to be outdoors, exploring my city, seeing new things, trying new things, etc.  It’s 62 degrees here today, that’s the warmest it’s been in ages. I had a massive to do list for the day, and I’ve already crossed off a handful of things but I don’t think I can ignore my bike calling me anymore.

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