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I’ve been living in new apartment for just under two months now. All the rooms are done-ish, meaning that each one has at least one or two little things that I want to find or fix up somehow. The main thing my office is missing is lockers. I’ve been looking like crazy for them but haven’t found the right ones yet. I just can’t get over the idea of having them, so much so that I keep putting off my housewarming party. Must. Find. Lockers!

Even though I’m still working on the rest of this room I wanted to share some photos of my vanity area today. Since I took the bigger of the two bedrooms for my office there wasn’t really room for my vanity in my bedroom. My office has two windows that, as luck would have it, my vanity fits perfectly between. I knew immediately that’s where it was going. Since those two windows get the best lighting out of all the others in the apartment, it was obvious where my plants would go. So basically, it’s an amazing little area. I feel like a goddess everyday while putting on my make-up surrounded by plants.

I love it here. Seriously, this apartment is just perfect. Can’t wait to share more photos of it as I find the finishing touches for each room!

/// Source list 
jewelry holder hands 
jackalope ring holder
▴ Small gold turtle is vintage.
▴ Large turtle shell and stool are from Target.
Vanity (Actually a writing desk from Walmart, but it was $40, and it does what I need it to!)
▴ Mirror was thrifted.
Anything else, just ask!

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