what I wore : Crum + I

tank top – Spotted Moth
jeans – TJ Maxx
back patch – Tessellate Designs
shoulder patch + explorer pin Explorer’s Press
good vibes only pin – Pintrill
crane pin – c/o Under The Shade Of A Bonsai
camera bag – Siena c/o Jo Totes
I know in terms of warmth this looks like every other outfit that I’ve posted in the last few months, except all those other times I was freezing while taking photos. This time? I was comfortable!! On Sunday we had one of the nicest days we’ve had in Northeast Ohio in a long time. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. Jeff and I spent the day at my parents for a little get together. My oldest brother and his family had been living in Germany for the last few years, and he finally moved home last month. Over the weekend was the first time that everyone’s schedules worked out so we could have a family dinner. We ate sauerkraut, played games, and even had a snowball fight (where I accidentally nailed my niece, who haven’t seen in about a year, in the face. Aunt Kaylah missed you so much…WAM!) It was so great to catch up. I look forward to a few more of these before my brother inevitably moves far away again.
The rest of this week is supposed to be beautiful as well (mid to high forties!!!). I’m looking forward to bike rides, adventures, and just getting out of the darn house. I spent yesterday rolling around in bed with a migraine – hence why there was no post – so the week can only get better from here.

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