bike style : windblown

jean vest – thrifted
shirt – Gordmans
shorts – Gordmans
shoes – Palladium Boots
sunglasses –  thrifted
lapel pins – Valley Cruise Press
camera bag – Bellbrook Backpack c/o Jo Totes
bicycle – State Bicycle Co
top cap – Mash

As much as I love color, and an abundance of patterns, I really love wearing all black. With my hair and tattoos I really don’t need too much else to still be colorful. Sometimes it’s fun to just let them take the attention. I know all black shorts and a top isn’t too exciting but I’m pretty darn picky about how clothes fit, especially clothes I’m going to be biking in so when I find something that fit really well it’s basically all I want to wear. I wandered into Gordmans last week. I had never been in one but I remembered my mom saying something about it. It’s similar to TJ Maxx, I suppose, but with maybe a bit more cheap stuff mixed in. Bad cheap stuff, not good cheap stuff. There were a few hidden gems buried in the clothing department though. I spotted these shorts and recognized they were the same brand as a pair of jeans I have and love. I grabbed a random black top to try on with the shorts and instantly fell in love with both. On really hot days I don’t like to spend too much time worrying about what I’m going to wear since I’m just going to get gross and sweaty in it. If I could have a week’s worth of this top and these shorts I’d be all set for the summer!

Sunday marked one year since my very first bike ride around the city. Jeff, and I were hanging out when he asked if I wanted to go on a bike
ride with him and few of his friends that night. I actually remember
specifically where we were when he asked. I was not interested…at all. The fact he was even asking stressed me out.
I hadn’t been on a bike in a long time, and I was worried that I
wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. He kept bugging me about it, and
eventually convinced me to say yes – although I wasn’t happy about it. I
borrowed one of Jason‘s bikes and seventeen miles later I was beyond
sold. That was the night I fell in love with Cleveland. A week or so later I bought the prettiest bicycle I’ve ever seen and haven’t looked back since. It was easily one of my best purchases…ever.

What’s especially funny to me is that last week while searching for a photo I stumbled upon this post from 2012. In it I talked about how simply riding around the block in
the small town I lived in caused me great anxiety. I even said “I can’t
wait until I can look back and realize how stupid all of this was.”
Posts like that are my absolute favorite reason to blog. It’s so easy to
look at my life now and see it as so normal but reading things like
that make me so proud of how far I’ve come. I used to be this timid girl
afraid to just go around the block in a town of 6,000, now I’m chopping
traffic in a city of 390,000. I seriously cannot think of anything more
satisfying than conquering your fears! It’s pretty amazing how this thing with two wheels was able to change my life so drastically.

It was WINDY! Can you tell? Hah!

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • I felt the same way with bike riding…especially when I started riding around regular roads. Where I live in Butler, Pennsylvania people forget that bikes are actually supposed to be on the road. People don't know how to react to you and sometimes it can be dangerous. Now days I love riding around the town…I just have to ride defensively. We rule! ^_^

    • Yeah, that's definitely the dangerous part of biking. People either don't know or don't care that cyclists have every right to be on the road too.

  • I have similar story. It was my 25th birthday, when my husband (that time boyfriend :)) convinced me to rent bikes and go somewhere. The first ride wasn't smooth – I felt from my bike with face into grass. šŸ˜€
    But despite that… in next year I bought my own bike. And I can say the same – that was one of my best purchases ever! I love biking! It gives me an energy in the morning and unwinds my head after long workday in the evening!

    • "It gives me an energy in the morning and unwinds my head after long workday in the evening!"
      Exactly! I don't even understand how it gives me energy but it certainly does.

  • You're so cool Kaylah! Like everytime I see your posts I'm like dang why can't I be as cool as her haha!!

    I live in Texas and They put the first Gordman's in my hometown in East Texas and I was really excited to get a new store (we don't have that many "good" ones) and I was rather disappointed lol. Just like you said too many bad cheap things. But you can find some really cool stuff if you did for it. I like buying doggie toys from there haha!

    I seriously want to get a good bike so bad! You have so much more freedom in a bike than a car. It's crazy how thrilling it is to ride a bike! I love your bike. and it's my favorite color so WOO!! šŸ™‚

    Have a great day girl!! šŸ™‚

    Keely // Life, Love, and Exploration

    • Haha! Thanks, Keely!

      I didn't see any dog toys at mine that were big enough for Klaus! All I could find were things for smalls dogs. But dog toys are totally my favorite thing to buy at stores like that.

      Definitely get one!!!

  • God Im still a timid girl with anxiety at 30. I so want to push myself to do more and feel more free, like the world is mine to search through and explore. I need a kick up the arse lol.

  • That looks like a super comfy biking outfit, and it looks great to boot!

    I've always been curious… where do you find the motivation to stop and get off your bike to take pictures when you're riding about? I mostly bike to commute to work so, for obvious reasons, I don't stop and wander around during those rides. Whenever I do take bike rides around my city on the weekend, though, I find it super hard to want to stop riding and wander around.

    • I don't know? Sometimes it's just nice to sit down and take a break or stop and wander around on foot. This spot is actually out on the pier so after I took pictures I sat and watched the water for a bit. It's relaxing. I enjoy having a destination to head to on my rides.

      If you don't want to stop, don't.

  • It's so awesome that you have come so far with your biking, I have been following your blog for a few years now and it has been so interesting to see your style change and your growth as a person. Also your hair is looking awesome! xx, Natalie

  • You have accomplished so much and I'm so happy for you! With moving to a new place, leaving behind a relationship and taking up new hobbies (+ other things) it's amazing to keep it all together but you've done it šŸ™‚ And with style too. And since I've brought it up… I really love the Palladiums in these photos. I've looked around for those but they don't have that style here yet šŸ™