found on the beach – feeling blue

by Kaylah Stroup
It’s beach season again! Swimsuits, sun, swimming or… ya know, trash. If you’re a new reader and totally confused already, be sure to check out the tag found on the beach.

Last week I headed to my favorite beach to get some fresh air. Still feeling a bit like there was a dark cloud hovering over me I figured spending the evening watching the sun go down over the lake, and listening to the waves hit the beach would do me good. I guess I forgot how much I loved that place, I was instantly at ease. It didn’t take long before I was compulsively picking up lighters. I wanted to do another set of beach trash photos but didn’t necessarily want to do another rainbow gradient. I do love doing that, and will most certainly do it again in the future but I waned something new. So…I picked up everything blue I found, all while singing this song, of course. I walked for around twenty minutes, really probably less. Just one swoop across the beach and this is what I gathered.

lake erie, beach trash, trash
Crazy how many milk jug rings!
I considered leaving the collection there for others to find but felt a bit guilty not tossing everything. I’d love to do something with these things other than just taking photos, that’s actually been floating in my mind the last few times I’ve went to pick up trash. I’m just not sure what to do yet…

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