Friday Favorites #306

I never even stopped to consider how awesome a gallery coffee table would be in my apartment. Any one of my many collections would look amazing underneath that glass.
 This card is too good.
 (via: Sophia Pot)
Obsessed with this banner. It is gorgeous!
 (via:  dwellore)
 I think I might have already included these in a past Friday Favorites but I like them more than ever. I want to bike in them!!
(via:  SimkaSol)
Oooooh! This dress is gorgeous!
(via: Modcloth)
Angie from SilverSpoon London, a travel blog, recently shared photos of this insane looking dessert and even though it’s seven in the morning as I type this and I should be thinking about breakfast, I am drooling over this thing despite only having a vague idea of what it is. (I’m formerly someone who basically ate only to survive, and am just recently beginning to REALLY love food, so you can expect more food stuffs in future Friday Favorite posts!)
I’ve been a fan of Daily Dishonesty for a while now but I didn’t realize she came out with a stationery line! Look at these awesome notebooks!
I posted the pink version of these shorts in last week’s post but I just found these and that color is killer!
(via: Modcloth)
 Why yes, I do wish my sticky notes were cuter!
(via: Paperchase)
 Speaking of cute sticky notes
(via: DubuDumo)

Link love…
▴ A reader recently shared this link with me and I had to share it here. Kathleen makes gorgeous jewelry from beach trash. That alone is really awesome but the fact she shares a photo of what the material looked like before it was turned into jewelry is what really gets me. Check this out!
▴ I have no idea why these cats are laying like this but it’s darn cute. (It’s not the most exciting cat video on the internet but it’s intriguing. Why are they laying like that? Why does this video exist? Can I lay with them too?)
Paige Smith creates ‘Urban Geodes’ which are made from either hand cut and
folded paper or individually cast resin. She tucks those into little cracks around cities. Seriously way too awesome! Please come to Cleveland!
Passionfruit has the cutest looking studio. I love their instagram for cool peeks around Portland too!
This vase set would be really awesome with some of my smaller collections in it, like whiskers and teeth! …or you know, flowers like it’s meant to have. Hehe!

Hope you have an awesome Friday!

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  • Hey there :> That's my 1st comment here, even though I follow your blog since few months. I absolutely love FF, they are soo cool and I admire different yet cool taste. How do you finds all those goodies? 😮

  • That geode project looks pretty awesome, and I vaguely remember passing by one of the pieces awhile ago. This weekend I went searching for some of them and couldn't find any T_T Some I think I just passed by, others I am like 99% sure got destroyed. Like one was blocked off for building construction. Bummer. So if you have a chance to check out a city with the geodes in them, do it asap!