Friday Favorites #308

This bath soak sounds amazing.
 (via: Modcloth)
 A chalkboard table runner is a pretty darn cool idea.
(via: anthropologie)
How pretty are these opalite plugs!?
I’m trying hard not to judge a book by it’s cover, rather a candle by it’s packaging in this case, but the jar this one is in makes me want it!
(via: Urban Outfitters)
It’s kind of funny that we live in a time where having a favorite dog on the internet can actually be a thing. Well, this is one of mine. The photos of this pup just kill me.

(via: Gluta Story)
 This comic feels all too real.

(via: Lize Meddings Illustration)
All about this banner!

(via:  Beeteeth)

Absolutely obsessed with this vase
(via: anthropologie
 Psst. If you’re looking for more things to browse I’ve added a new page called Everyday Favorites, where I’ll share more awesome things I’ve found while “wasting time” on the internet.

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Link love…
▴ I have more than enough pillows that I keep in rotation on my couch but this bee pillow is kind of irresistible.
▴ I am in love with this chipmunk’s vine! I mean I knew chipmunks were cute but not THAT cute.
▴ I’m not really in the market for new mud boots (gum boots, wellies, rubber boots, whatever you want to call them) but the print on these ones from Joules is tempting me!
▴ They’re just paper plates…but they’re so pretty!!
▴ Yeah, it’s another striped dress but the length on this one is what’s really grabbing my attention. Always so nice to find dresses that actually cover my butt.

Happy Friday!

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