project 365 // days 93 – 100

93 : 365 All my babies! 
See my post on propagating here.
 94 : 365 First of all, would you look at these babies kissing!!! Ahh! Every day they’re becoming a little bit more comfortable with each other. It’s making me so darn happy.
Finished up all the pre-order pouches! I loooove seeing piles of finished of product.
96 : 365 UGH. SO. DARN. CUTE.
97 : 365 Growth!
98 : 365 FINALLY bought a photo album for all my 35mm prints – and by all I mean just a tiny fraction of them. I’m so pleased with how it looks. Now I need to buy about a zillion more. Being able to see all my photos like this has really inspired me to start shooting film again.
99 : 365 I took outfit photos but ended up not really loving them. You know what I do love though? Skirts with pockets!!!
 100 : 365 I swear, there is nothing cuter than animals laying the sun.


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