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I think it’s pretty obvious I have a thing for plants, my instagram is full of them and I’m sneaking them into my 365 posts. When I was younger my mom would try in vain to get me to garden with her. She’d always quip “someday you’ll love flowers!” Lo and behold she was right.  Before moving to Cleveland, I lived in a small town in a quaint little home I decorated with an abundance of flowers. When I moved to Lakewood I lived in an apartment building with no outside space to call my own so the gardening ceased. There my interested in house plants really bloomed. (heh, get it?) Even though the house I’m living in now has a deck where I can have flowers when the weather warms up my house plant obsession is still going strong.

I’ve always been interested in propagating succulents but had just never put any time into learning how. I recently noticed one of my plants was looking pretty leggy so I decided to finally spend a little bit of time learning how to turn that one plant into many. It’s been just over two weeks since I laid them out to do their thing and guess what! They’re growing. Totally not that big of a deal at all, especially if propagating is something you do regularly. But this is my very first time trying and this is so darn encouraging. All the posts I read were so positive, and reassured me it was easy but the comments all left me feeling like maybe it wasn’t. I read a ton of posts, gathered up what seemed like good advice, and it all seems to be working.

Shown in the photo above are the cuttings, which are from the top of the plant the leaves were harvested from. One post I read basically said  that if it already looks like a plant then to plant it, and wait for it to grow roots. I’m incredibly impatient (and equally as curious) so I very carefully maneuvered one of the smallest out of the dirt to see if it was growing as planned. Surprise, surprise – it was! I mean, I may have caused some damage doing that but at least I know the others are probably doing the same!

I was pleased to read that no part of the plant goes to waste when you propagate. Even the stem will grow new babies. My stems were looking pretty rough so I wasn’t too hopeful but would you look at that! Growth!

These photos were taken six days ago, since then the babies have grown leaps and bounds. I’m so proud. I really love growing things and this just takes it to the next level! Fingers crossed they continue to grow and grow!

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  • Shawn has been playing around with propagation for the past few years… he geeks out about it hardcore and we have soooo many cuttings and baby plants all around the house. It is really fun to see new growth and roots form! Our maintenance guy at work recommended a book for me to get Shawn; it's called Creative Propagation. I haven't gotten it for him yet, but it might be worth you looking into!

  • This is so cool! I have been wanting to try this for a while, but I was so skeptical, like, it can't be that simple! My mom said the same thing to me about gardening, I never believed her when I was younger, but she was totally right, I am gardening fool now.

  • How lovely! I've always hated my parents' plants (they were storing the biggest ones in my room, leaving too little room for my "important" stuff), but after moving out and gaining some independence, I love to take care of my own!

  • I didn't even know propagating was a thing. I accidentally propagated a succulent last month when some leaves fell of one (which may have been due to an overly adventurous kitty) and just chucked them back into the pot and they sprouted roots. I thought I was magic.