Skull Pouch Update!

by Kaylah Stroup
Today’s the day! My second set of limited edition pouches made from custom printed fabric are available. Like I mentioned in my behind the scenes post, the skull pouch from the last batch was the first to sell out so I decided to do a whole collection of them. I photographed a bunch of different photos of skulls in my collection in various different layouts and ended up choosing five photos to get printed. There are four ‘standard sized’ pouches (6×3.5 inches) and one ‘coin pouch’ (5×3.5 inches) in this collection.

I don’t think I can choose a favorite from the bunch but I am pretty darn fond of the coyote skull pouch. I actually blogged about this skull shortly after I finished cleaning it (see here). I think it’s neat to have a bit of a profile available on this one. I pride myself on knowing that everything in my collection was cleaned by me. I just wish I would have done a better job documenting the rest of them. It’s crazy how quickly memories fade. There are times I have to double check what a skull was before answering a question about it. So, I just think it’s really neat to be able to look back and see so much about the coyote and where he came from. Plus I still have the scar from cleaning that guy! He’s a special one.

The pouches are available for purchase here. The last collection sold out in exactly one hour. I made quite a few more than the last batch, but I still wouldn’t hesitate if you’re interested in grabbing one. Once these ones are gone, they won’t be restocked and the fabric won’t be reprinted.

I totally understand skulls, and teeth aren’t every one’s cup of tea! Don’t worry, I will definitely have ‘normal’ pouches in the future. As always, if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in a future collection just let me know!

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