what I wore : plaid, polka dots + pups

button up shirt – Fun and Board Games Top c/o Modcloth
skirt – Forever 21 (a few years back)
brooch – vintage
necklace – moon necklace c/o tru.che
boots – Forever 21 (a few years back)

Last week my car started making a ton of noise. Luckily, my dad is a mechanic so Klaus and I took a ride out to my parents house to hopefully clear up the problem. While my dad worked on my car I took outfit photos, and Klaus…well, he had the time of his life. Last summer he discovered that puddles are basically the best thing ever. One weekend while I was away, and my parents were puppysitting my mom sent me a photo of him laying in a puddle, just relaxing. Needless to say as soon as I let Klaus outside he darted for a puddle. Him, and Crum spent the evening splashing around, and fighting over sticks. I’m not a fan of the dog park at all so I treasure the time he gets to run wild in my parents yard even if does mean he’ll need a bath when we get home.

Nearly all the photos I got of them playing were out of focus but I still think they’re incredibly cute. The one of Crum jumping over Klaus is hilarious to me. Klaus’ face is so goofy. I’m hoping this summer he’ll be a little bit more open to trying other bodies of water. Dogs playing in water kill me, it’s just too cute and they always look so happy.


PS. Speaking of happy dogs, if you don’t follow me on instagram or twitter you may have missed this gem. Klaus, in my coat, looking like the happiest dude ever.

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