what I wore : stripes + bikes

cardigan – from a store that no longer exists. Sorry!
necklace – c/o Shlomit Ofir
phone case – bug case via Target
shoes – Melissa c/o Loly in the Sky

If you haven’t started to notice already this is my new favorite place to take outfit photos. Back in Geneva I had the cemetery down the street from me (seen here, here, here, here, and a bunch of other posts) and since moving to Cleveland I’ve struggled to find that one spot I can always count on to take pictures. There are some days, okay most days, I don’t want to hunt for somewhere to shoot outfit photos, I just want to be able to drive somewhere and take pictures fairly quickly. Plus this is the place with the stray cat! I saw the little guy again the last time I was there but he was being shy. Happy to know he’s still holding down the fort though!

This spot is actually the loading dock of an abandoned building. I think it has really nice colors and textures that make a great background. The major selling point for me is that it’s fairly secluded. Secluded enough that when people do drive by they gawk. I’m not talking taking a second glance after realizing there is a girl with green hair in a dress hanging out outside this massive abandoned building. I mean on more than one occasion I have had cars literally just stop and watch me take photos. I went from feeling embarrassed to just owning it because if anyone is the dummy in this situation it’s the dude who stopped his car in the middle of the street to watch someone else.

But hey, I’d gawk too! I mean…a skirt with pockets?! There just aren’t enough of them in the world. Am I right?! Heh! Hope you have an awesome Tuesday!

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