Friday Favorite #310

I was browsing ASOS for a purse and found this little cutie instead…
(via: ASOS)
 (via: Anthropologie)
 Look at all these awesome socks!
(via: K. Bell Socks)
I’m an Apple gal through and through but Sophie from The Private Life of a Girl just got the HP Sprout and I am very intrigued. That thing is not only touch screen but has a 14mp camera, and a 20 inch touch mat. It just sounds like it would be a blast to play with.
It’s hard to see from these photos but this dress is covered in cactus, jack rabbits and wolves! What an awesome print!!!
 (via: Emily G)
I know I already found myself a standing globe, and definitely don’t need another but just look how pretty this one is!!
Speaking of awesome prints…look at this vintage swim suit!
 (via: jessamity)
Bubble wrap calendar!!!!! (You know what’s really awesome? This one isn’t the only one available. There’s also this one. Makes me happy that so many people love popping those!)
(via: Amazon)
Pineapple facial scrub? Yes, please! I bet it smells heavenly.
 (via: Batty’s Bath)
Lets be real here, I have no idea why there’s a horse in this room or why there is all kind of fancy decor in a barn. Whatever – I dig the picture and I definitely dig that couch!
 (via: Anthropologie)
Throwing in one of my own items at the end here! Y’all, nearly everything sold out the first day. I just have a handful of pouches left before they’re gone forever. There are two coyote pouches left, and a handful of these. It’s actually kind of funny to me this one seemed to be least favorite. Those are definitely some of the cutest skulls in my collection. That’s a mouse, rat and flying squirrel!!

 (via: The Dainty Squid

Link love…
▴ Did you guys know that edible spray paint exists?! I mean, I can’t imagine it’s healthy for you but painting a bunch of stuff gold and then eating it sounds fun. (I realize it’s for decorating small bits but whole gold donuts, y’all!)
▴ Speaking of strange-ish food items, bacon flavored frosting!
▴ In love with the idea of this LED car sign that goes in your back window. It has 16 different faces, and sayings that you can show the drivers behind you.
This sixteen person tent shaped like a train is kind of the coolest ever.
▴ I wish I wore sandals more often. There are so many darn cute ones out there right now but for some reason I just never seem to wear them.

Happy Friday!

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