Friday Favorites # 311

Really into this u-lock holster. I’ve recently taken to wearing my lock on my belt instead of carrying it in my bag and I don’t really love it. Something like this would be perfect, plus it would be a way for me to carry anything I need without having to lug around a backpack.
I always love the idea of raincoats but never actually like them on me…but just look how pretty this one is. 
(via: Napkin)
(via: Dubo Dumo)
All about this snazzy pineapple by Aww, Sam. 
Sam is probably one of my favorite people on the whole internet to follow. I actually get to hang out with her this summer, and I’m already fan-girling. Just look at her instagram, she’s so cooool!
(via: Aww, Sam)
 Obsessed with the idea of this succulent treasure box inspired by boxes of candy. Now that is a gift I would LOVE to get.
Of course I love this shirt
(via: Modcloth)
I am anything but a night owl but I do love this ribbon.
 $50 is definitely a bit steep for pillow cases but the print on these ones is just too good.
I just realized I don’t own a single cactus necklace. Guess I better get on that…
(via: Bly Design)
 Hannah Rosengren desgined this awesome patch for the Portland Patch Project. Isn’t it awesome!?

(via:  Hannah Rosengren)

Link love…
Angie‘s travel photos kill me. This girl seriously goes to the craziest places. Would you look at that cliff side table? What a place to eat breakfast. I love Ohio, but I have got to get out of here more often.
▴ One of my favorite blogs, The Cat, You & Us is hosting a giveaway for a Don Fisher bag for their two year anniversary. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this since it lowers my chance of winning…
▴ I dig the colors in Meescha Dare’s work, especially the pink flowers piece.
▴ Okay, this bundt cake with a hidden, baked in bigfoot is the coolest.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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