Friday Favorites #312

Berkley Illustration was one of the first people I ever found on etsy. I’m still a huge fan. I mean, would you look at that sea lion?!
Love the idea of these tiny cards of encouragement. Perfect to sneak into someone purse or backpack for them to find later. 
 (via: Emily McDowell)
Love this little hand painted moon (and the photo!)
 (via: Hipporacle)
I can never resist adding a beautiful backpack to my Friday Favorites!
 (via: Valentich)
I don’t really drink so I have no use for a bar cart, but that is one gorgeous piece of furniture. It’d look pretty awesome with plants on it. 
 Such cute magnets!
(via: Modcloth)
Omerica Organic will forever be my favorite. Seriously, have you guys seen the stuff they’re putting out recently?! Pizza plugs!!
 As always you can use rep code “daintysq” for 20% off your first order. 

(via: Omerica Organic)

This Missy Elliott inspired tank is awesome.  

Pssst. thats one of my favorite songs to drive to.  Here’s the video if you need a dose of Missy today.

(via: Culture Flock Clothing)

I am all about this bedding set

(via: Modcloth)

Link love…
Space bar, heh, get it?
▴ 1,000 foot water slide in the middle of the city?! Aw, yessss! Slide the City is coming to Cleveland this summer and I am so very excited! It’s kind of expensive but regardless if I decided to actually buy a pass to slide or not, I will be there to at least check it out and shoot a few photos! They’re hitting a bunch of cities, check here to see if yours is one of them.
▴ Super into this watch just for the fact it would match my favorite coat nicely.
▴ Black and white rugs are definitely my thing, but holy smokes, all the color rugs in this etsy shop are killing me. They’re beautiful!!
▴ Such a simple, yet beautiful necklace!

Hope you have an awesome Friday!

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