project 365 // 116 – 121

116 : 365 A little kitty skull found on the side of the tracks.
 117 : 365 Inkdot surprised me with some prints from my instagram. Hilariously, they’re all of my bike. It’s like they think I like my bike or something. Heh!
 118 : 365 Well, speaking of… here’s that pretty thing on my daily ride. I really like this wall. I enjoy the fact that by covering up graffiti they made the wall more colorful. I’ll never really understand why they always buff graffiti in a color that doesn’t match the building but I do like how it usually ends up looking.
119 : 365 Packing orders! I sold the great majority of pouches on the day they were released, only ten remained when I went to bed that night. Wahoooo! Thank you guys SO much! There are still a few left, grab one here.
120 : 365 Puppy + a plant, a Project 365 necessity.
 121 : 365 Spent a portion of my Friday driving to find a cemetery that looked interesting online…only for it to be really boring. I spent less than ten minutes there total. I did manage to find a skunk skull though so I guess that makes up for it.


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