project 365 // days 122 – 128

122 : 365 Heard about a fire on the East side of Cleveland so Jeff and I rushed over to snap some shots. Apparently someone thought cooking hot dogs inside a paper factory was a good idea. .
 123 : 365 Spent the day eating, hiking and shooting targets at my parent’s house.
 124 : 365 Someday.
 125 : 365 Never going to get over how good these lockers look in this room. I mean, c’mon! They’re perfect.
 126 : 365 Woke up super early to take a foggy morning hike. I’m so darn pleased with my photos, I can’t wait to show you more.
127 : 365 Admiring polaroids from last summer’s trip out west. I want to do it again!!! It’s honestly hard for me to believe it wasn’t just a dream.
 128 : 365  You guys, I LOVE HAVING A DECK. How did I go a year in an apartment without one?! I love people watching. I love sitting out there working on my laptop. I love having plants again. It’s seriously just the best. 


Author: Kaylah

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