project 365 // days 142 – 149

142 : 365 Grandpa chic in my new shoes, fancy socks, and favorite jeans.

Fifteen miles with Jeff, Jason, and Irissa. Sunset over the lake, and chai bubble tea from Koko Bakery. I am looking forward to more warm nights like this one.
143 : 365 Sun babies!
144 : 365 The cutest little lapel pin from i like cats.

145 : 365 I spent Memorial Day exploring with my friends. It was so much fun to have everyone together for once! I have so many photos to share these next few weeks.

146 : 365  I received a super duper amazing package from Sarah. Scratch and sniff banana stickers, a spicy(!?) KitKat, treats for Klaus (which the cats stole + devoured) and so much more.

147 : 365 Jesi came up to Cleveland to visit. We explored, we went to a greenhouse, and we ate macarons. It was an excellent day! Forever wishing she lived just a bit closer.

 148 : 365 Prepared a second round of leaves to propagate! Hopefully these are just as successful as my other ones.
149 : 365 A super fun little package of goodies from Eleventh Avenue.

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