what I wore : owl keep you

dress – Modcloth (three years ago)
lapel pin – Pintrill
belt – thrifted
camera bag – Siena via Jo Totes
shoes – thrifted

I started cleaning out my closet this week in preparation for a shop my closet sale. (more details on this soon!) This was one of the dresses I grabbed for the sale pile simply because I rarely wear it. It’s been in my closet for a few years but has maybe only been worn five times. Before I started photographing everything I tried on this dress and basically just said “Haha! …No!” I might not be as crazy about the pattern as I was when I first got it but it just fits so darn well. It never needs ironed, and for some magic reason, pet hair doesn’t stick to it. Those are two major bonuses! Yeah, so I’ll be keeping this one for a while longer.

While I was sorting things for the closet sale I kept finding myself thinking “well, maybe if my body looked more like this the dress would look better”, “it’s my size, why doesn’t it look right?” or things along those lines. It was discouraging. I was dwelling on it for the rest of the day then it hit me, there is nothing wrong with me. Why should I feel bad that a certain dress isn’t flattering on me? I’m definitely an advocate of wearing whatever the heck you want regardless of what’s popular but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to wear what I feel flatters my shape the best. I think it took until then to realize that just because something is the correct size doesn’t mean it’s going to look awesome, and that’s okay. Maybe that’s all ramble-y, or doesn’t properly illustrate what I’m trying to say but this is a reminder that your body is perfect just the way it is, don’t you ever doubt that especially because of a piece of clothing!

My favorite spot to take outfit photos is out of commission at the moment. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it’s a giant abandoned building and for the past few weeks a construction crew has been working there. I suppose they’re trying to spruce it up so it will sell. Hope the kitties who live there will still have a place to stay! While they’re working on it I have to find a new dependable spot to shoot. I spotted this wall along the side of the road and figured it’d make a nice background. I didn’t count on the crazy amount of traffic though. Mostly people just slowed down to stare but I had a few folks who honked which scared the heck out of me. I’m just relieved no one stopped to ask what I was doing. I’d have probably done this… which totally reminds me of this gif of Homer Simpson.

very sneaky, right?

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

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  • I love this dress on you, especially the collar is nice! And the pin is so totally you 🙂

    I had to laugh seeing you hide Homer-wise 😀

    I mostly buy second hand clothing (even when it's not my size) which I alter into something "perfect" for my body. I assume you've already done this too as you're a seamstress 🙂 I love to wear unique pieces that flatter my figure perfectly; even though my figure itself is far from perfect, it's perfect for me ;-). And besides all the positive ecological reasons why to buy second hand, it's also no misfortune when I don't succed because these dresses are often very cheap.

    I am curious to see what dresses you're going to sell, even though I guess they will be all sold in one hour like last time and the shipping costs will be a little too high for me.. But you've got a great taste and I love looking in wardrobes :p

  • I really like that dress! Ug, clothes sizes. I'll buy something without trying it on because it's MY size and then when I get it home it fits all weird and I have no idea what happened. Sometimes I can make it work, and sometimes I can't. Which reminds me I should probably go through my closet as well and finally part ways with those odd fitting pieces..

    • I know what you mean, I've basically given up buying anything that I can't try on first. Sizes basically don't mean anything. Not to mention, I'm so picky about how clothes fit.