5 tips for building your blog’s readership

The most common question I get in regard to blogging is “how did you grow your readership?” There are so many different ways to answer this question. I tend to weasel my way out of it with my favorite, vague but mostly honest, answer – “I don’t really know, it just takes time.” I do think it’s important to keep in mind building your blogs readership will take time, it won’t magically happen overnight. If having a ton of readers is your sole mission in blogging, you should probably reconsider. If you’re wanting to share your experiences and build friendships, hey, maybe you should start a blog and this post is for you!

5 tips for building your blog’s readership…

▴ This seems like it should be obvious, write about what you love! It’s easy to think “well, so and so writes about this and people seem
to respond well to it so I’m going to write about that too” but that’s
not how it works. Blog about things you’re passionate about, things you love, things that excite you.

Maybe it’s just me, but I love people that are passionate. I might not personally care about running, or knitting but if one of my favorite bloggers was sharing a post about one of those subjects I would most likely read it because if you’re excited, I’m excited. Don’t worry that your interests are weird, there is someone interested in reading about any topic you could possible think of, so share whats important to you.

▴ Simply publishing a post and thinking somehow everyone is going to find it just isn’t realistic. You have to get your name out there. There are thousands and thousands of active blogs out there and sadly, a lot of amazing ones go completely unnoticed.

Share a link to your post on facebook, have a link to your blog in your email signature, post a related photo on instagram with a call to action for people to visit, look into purchasing ad space on blogs with similar content, etc!

Be active on social media. This is a big part of getting yourself out there. Don’t get me wrong I am 100% not saying you have to be on every site out there. I personally think it’s best to have one or two strong social media accounts rather than be on every single one but not be very active.

Simply having an account on a site with links to your blog doesn’t mean the traffic will just start to flow. I think a lot of directing traffic from social media to a website is how it’s presented. If you’re posting a link on twitter that just says “go read my blog” most people will look directly over it. The best way to figure out how to get other people to click your links is to think about what types of links you click on and how they’re presented. I’m a visual person so I’m most likely to follow links from instagram, and posts on twitter that include photos. A tweet with just a link and a description most likely won’t lure me in so I try to steer clear of posting those myself.

Be authentic in your interactions. I know I’ve read way too many times that one really great way to direct traffic to your blog is to comment on other people’s blogs and social media accounts. I hate that idea. Reaching out, and connecting with other people online is so very important BUT it has to be authentic. Often I get comments on posts that read something like this “cool. check out my blog. www.spammyspam.com” I am one thousand times more likely to search out someone’s blog or social media accounts after they leave a thoughtful comment as opposed to clicking on a link when people leave a comment just to spread their name even though that’s much easier.

Build connections, and bond with people who have similar interests, don’t just use them to get your name out.

Stick around. Think of your blog as a plant. Depending on the plant you may water it weekly or even daily but you can just leave it and expect it to still grow. Your blog needs cared for. While I don’t think that everyone should post every single day, unless of course you want to, you have to have at least some schedule. Abandoning your blog for weeks at a time and expecting it to still grow isn’t really realistic.

The internet is full of amazing content. If you’re not giving your readers something on at least a semi-regular basis, they will go somewhere else. Figure out what posting schedule works for your and stick to it!

Like I said, blogging isn’t for everyone. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme and having a huge number of followers doesn’t solve everything. It takes lots of time, patience, hard work, and passion to build a blog. Those are just five of my top tips, they might seem a bit obvious but they’re definitely key. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about blogging or blog related things you’d like to see a post about.

Author: Kaylah Stroup

A collector of weird things. Plant Enthusiast. Wanderer. Beachcomber. Forever longing for the desert.

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  • Thanks for the awesome tips! Growing my readership is something I struggle with because it's hard for me to self-promote, but I've been getting better at it. Also finding a way to post consistent content – I don't have a niche, so I like to write about a little bit of everything and sometimes that drags me into a creative rut.


  • This is a really great post, thanks! I am just starting to focus on my blog after months of just posting here and there, and it's starting to pay off. I really love your point about genuine interaction, comments that don't add anything annoy me, but so many 'blogging advice' posts don't point out the difference.
    On an unrelated note, I totally love your keyboard colour scheme – deliberately matching your hair or coincidence?! 🙂

  • what can I say, other than, amazing post Kaylah! personally, i think having fun from blogging is more important than achieving a certain pv/followers number. afterall, it's something you do in your spare time, it's a hobby, a pleasure, not a job or chore (yes it can evolve to job but never boring).
    to be perfectly honest, i never ever cared about the number of followers. i just put things out there, share my art, because i like doing so. even if only one person take time to look at it and it will make them smile, my goal is reached 🙂
    i came across your blog few years ago and felt in love with it and i just love how it's evolving and how you got from something like 3k followers to the insane number you got now 😉
    if only sunday weekly nails where still a thing!



  • I like that you went a little more in-depth with these tips, especially the one about using social media to build actual friendships rather than just spam people.



  • Cool. Now visit my blog!
    Hah, just kidding 😉

    I love reading about your take on blogging, as with the history of the Dainty Squid posts you did. Such an impressive achievement for someone so young! (you were still in high school at the time, right? Wow!)

  • I always feel that if readers are the most important thing to you as a blogger, then you're blogging for the wrong reasons and you'll probably give up fairly quickly, not to mention these blogs end up being white noise because they're full of the same bland generic content that's everywhere else. You should blog about whatever makes you happy, and then if you get readers just see it as a happy bonus rather than a goal. You can always spot the bloggers that are just doing it for page hits and followers from a mile off and it's such a huge turn off. One of the things I love about The Dainty Squid is is always feels authentic and full of your personality.

  • Great post Kaylah! I specifically like your point about being authentic. We all need to embrace our dang 'weird' sides and celebrate them because that's what makes us all so interesting!

  • So true! It takes alot of hard work and time to build a blog and putting out contents. Especially when you feel like you want to write meaningful contents that people will gain something from.


    XO Mabes

  • Loved this! I've struggled with my blog's content for YEARS and it's finally in a place that I'm somewhat content with but I'm still struggling with readers – or they read but don't follow. Hopefully some of your advice helps!

  • I agree with all the points. I feel an instant connection even though I don't have the same interest as the writer when they talk about something they are passionate about, it's like you feel what they feel through their words. I need to work on promoting my blog on social media to be sincere I lack of it, but I enjoy just blogging. There's actually no key to success blogging but definitely some guidelines that can help you in the way. Great post!

    Mafer, Concientizando x

    • You know, you definitely don't have to promote your blog. If you're happy just blogging for yourself, that's great and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Hi Kaylah, I never comment your blog because I'm too shy (but I definitly should), just wanted to say that you are the main blogger that gave me the motivation to begin my own blog! So thank you <3 I read your blog every day and you never stop to inspire me! Have a great week-end <3

  • Thank you for this post! I'm currently struggling to gain readers and, consequently, find myself thinking 'what's the point?'. I put a lot of effort into my posts just for nobody to see them! But blogging is a reaaally fulfilling hobby for me, so I just need to remind myself of that when looking at my abysmal page views, haha. ^_^ thanks again

  • I started a nail blog over a year ago and I was so discouraged that I barely got any readers. I’m thinking of doing an overhaul of the layout and rethinking the actual content to include more than just nail polish. I scarcely post because Instagram seems sufficient enough, but I would ideally love to just write. Thanks for the inspiration!!