Back to reality…

It’s back to real life for me today after a week of travels with Jeff. Last Tuesday we woke up early 2:30am! Eeep!
and flew to Phoenix, Arizona. From Phoenix we drove down to Tucson,
through Los Angeles to the coast, up to San Fransisco, over to Yosemite
down through Death Valley, stopped in San Bernardino then back to
Phoenix. Whew. We hit three national parks, took thousands of photos, and saw all kinds of interesting things. Shortly after midnight on Wednesday we arrived back home. I’ve got sun bleached hair, a slight tan I tried so hard to avoid, a renewed love of the desert, and a permanent souvenir on my leg. It was an INSANE week. It doesn’t even seem real. It’s hard to believe we saw so much in such a short amount of time.

Some highlights shown in this post include seeing the Pacific Ocean, staying at the final Wigwam Village, finding sand dollars and velella littering the beach, seeing my favorite giant dinosaurs yet again, and having a squirrel hop up in my lap! But there really was so much more to this trip. Despite using my travel log I still didn’t even begin to document all the awesomeness that the week included.

I haven’t started to sort through the tons of photos I took. I’m super excited to begin going through them all though. It’s actually taking all my might to wait to do it after I get caught up on other things first. My inbox is a terrifying place right now. The week was so jammed packed with adventure that I’m sure when I go through the photos I’ll discover all sorts of fun things I’ve already forgotten about. Ahh! I’m so excited to share more about my incredible week. There will be lots of travel posts to come in the next few weeks.

In the meantime you can find a few more photos from the week over on my instagram if you hadn’t already been following along.

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