Foxy Lady + Tramp : part two

It’s been a few weeks since my parents adopted Lady and Tramp (see the very first post about them here) and they have both gotten so big. The day I dropped Klaus off with them before my road trip I took the opportunity to get some new pictures of the foxes. They’re obviously both still very small but the difference from the last set of photos and these ones is crazy. I think Lady’s ears and the shape of her face are biggest indicator of just how much she’s grown. Instead of looking so much like a dog/bear/thing she’s beginning to look a bit more like a fox.

At the time I took these photos Tramp had to be leashed with an unsightly rope, since Crum sized leashes are way too big for tiny critters, because he is so incredibly fast. A week later when I picked up Klaus after my trip Lady had reached the point where she needed leashed too. Foxes are speedy little things! You look away for one second and zip!! they’re gone!

Lady has grown from a cuddly baby to a mischievous little rascal. She’s realized how fun wrestling is. Both Klaus and Crum are way too big to play with but that doesn’t stop her from dashing over and trying to nibble on them. Crum, the gentle giant, is a big scaredy cat who would rather the foxes keep their distance. Klaus is incredibly patient and just gives us “I don’t what this thing is, or what I should do about it” looks. Tramp is obviously perfect size for her to antagonize. They are disgustingly cute together.

My Dad showing Tramp how to drink from the pond. Look at his little paw on my dad’s hand! So precious!
Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of cute! The faster they get the harder they are to photograph but I’ll be sure to share photos of them whenever possible.

Just a note to add that foxes definitely aren’t for everyone. They
require a lot of work, care, and attention. Not to mention in most
states they are illegal to keep as pets unless you have a license. Please do your research! 

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