foxy lady + tramp

I don’t know if you guys are prepared for the cuteness that this post contains. If you’ve been reading for some amount of time you know I come from a family of animal lovers. My whole life we were the family with the strange pets; raccoons, wolves, flying squirrels (which my dad still raises) and so much more. It’s funny because my dad is this tough guy who rarely shows emotion but he is just so sweet with animals. Recently he adopted the animal he’s been dreaming of for years – a fox. Rather he adopted two foxes which my parents named Foxy Lady, Lady for short, and Tramp.

When my parents first sent me a photo of Lady, the little black one, I didn’t even know what she was. It was killing me that I couldn’t go over immediately to meet her. I was with a group of friends when I got the picture. We passed my phone around guessing what this little fuzzy thing was. A dog? A bear? My mom is incredibly supportive of my dad’s love of animals but a bear is probably the one thing she would say no to. Lady is just so young that her ears are small still, and don’t immediately give away what she is. Even after meeting her in person, she still looks like some kind of silly raccoon dog to me.

My first free day I went over and was instantly enamored. Both foxes were even smaller, cuter, and fuzzier than I had imagined from all the photos I was sent. It was a gloomy day, they’re quick (when they’re not snoozing) and my parents living room doesn’t have the best lighting so I didn’t get as many high quality photos as planned. Luckily black and white makes these salvageable.

At the time I took these photos (at the beginning of the month) Lady was only a few weeks old and still being fed from a dropper. My mom wraps her up, because she’s a little wiggle worm, and feeds her just like a baby. It’s obscenely precious. Between sips she lets out the funniest little noises to demand more food. At one point my mom even turns her over and pats her on the back because Lady has inhaled her food too quickly.

After eating, and running around the living room to burn off all her energy she climbed up into my lap and quickly drifted off to asleep. I melted. Throughout the day she did this a couple more times. Each time completely breaking my heart. Such a sleepy little thing.

I’m so excited to watch these babies grow up. I can’t wait to see how their personalities develop. I’ll be sure to share more photos as soon as possible.

Just a note to add that foxes definitely aren’t for everyone. They require a lot of work, care, and attention. Not to mention in most states they are illegal to keep as pets unless you have a license. Please do your research!

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