Friday Favorites # 317

Daaaang. This is a gorgeous quilt.
 Always a fan of snazzy socks.
 (via: Yu Square)
Eeeeep! So cute!
Love me a good cloud motif!
Maiden Voyage Clothing Co can essentially do no wrong. Look at this jackalope patch
The colors of this dress remind me of Adventure Time.
(via: Modcloth)
This has to be the cutest phone backup battery ever. 
 (via: Photojojo)
Never enough pins on my jean jacket, this one would be a great addition!
(via: kookoobird)
(via: Moorea Seal)
 Yeah, this reflective riding dress is probably one of the best ideas ever.
 (via: Asilda Store)

Link Love…
β–΄ Did you guys know macaron tours exist? Angie blogged about one last month, and if I didn’t already want to go to London – I do now!
β–΄ I mentioned these shorts a month or so ago in a post, and I just want to rave again about how awesome they are! They basically come off just to go in the washer and that’s it. I could use like three more pairs of these babies.
β–΄ Holy smokes. This nail polish is gorgeous!!!
β–΄ Love love love ChesseBeforeBedtime‘s cactus embroidery. (Also, what an awesome name!)

Happy Friday!

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