Friday Favorites #318

So this listing is about the cute little cactus romper but would you just look at that amazing room?
 (via: Fable Baby)
These glasses are so awesome. Wish I didn’t excel at dropping glasses…
(via: Modcloth)
What a snazzy lapel pin!
 (via: Rachelle Letain)
Obsessed with this office set up
 (via: Clashist)
Eye love this necklace!
Emily Martin, The Black Apple, is one of my absolute favorite artists. I just found this print set of hers and it’s the spitting image of my cats. What an awesome coincidence.
What a pretty dress. The color scheme is excellent!
(via: Modcloth)
 Pining soooo hard over this planner! I need to own it.
(via:  Crumple & Toss)
Love love love the patterns on these little ring dishes.
 (via: Zola)

Link Love…
▴ This facial scrub sounds so amazing.
Welp. These plugs are beautiful.
▴ Your dog probably needs a bed shaped like a giant pepperoni pizza, right?
▴ If it makes sense, I’m not good at wearing bracelets – like they’re always banging around on stuff and it bothers me. BUT if I was, these gorgeous bracelets would be mine.
▴ Eeeep! This planter has the sweetest little face.

Hope you have an excellent Friday!

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  • Hey! That planner is really, really cute. Have you ever heard of May Designs? They have customizable notebooks and planners that you might love. Plus, they also make these incredible photo books from regular digital photos OR instagram photos, which are so so so amazing. I did a roadtrip from Calgary to Portland with my hubs and a friend last year and I can't wait until my budget allows for ordering a photo book with all of our pictures!

  • I love The Black Apple! My sis got me her "Joy Division Girl" print ages ago and I still can't get over how much I love it. Those cat prints are mighty tempting as well.