goodbye, picky eater!

prosciutto wrapped dates, prosciutto + brussel sporouts, fried chicken tacos, mac + cheese with chorizo.

One of my 2015 goals was to try twenty new foods. For years and years I was a picky eater. Like THE ultimate picky eater. I basically lived off of a rotation of just a few foods. I refused to try others. Going out to eat was my worst nightmare. I ate because I had to, not because I enjoyed food. I was also a food purist. Nothing could touch at all or I wouldn’t eat it. When I first started dating Jeff he learned all this and I think made it his personal goal to get me to stop being so darn picky.

Just over a year later, my eating habits are completely different. It’s kind of crazy that it just took a bit of patience and an understanding of what I did like to get me to branch out. It doesn’t hurt that Jeff is an incredible cook. Y’all, I LOVE trying new foods now. I will basically try anything twice – except shrimp. I just can’t. Ick. Old Kaylah hated when things were added to food that was already “perfect”.  That mac + cheese with chorizo (or as I have been calling it “mac + chorizo”) above
was literally one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had. I’ve also
picked up lots of little habits that totally grossed me out before such
as dipping food in egg yolk. Oh my god. So good. That po’boy below? Basically Kaylah from a year ago’s worst nightmare. So many foods touching, and why are there french fries on it?! Yeah, that was amazing. Messy but amazing.

It’s funny because the last few emails I’ve gotten from people
wanting recommendations for what to do in Cleveland my response is
nearly all food related. Cleveland is just this food mecca! We have so
many amazing restaurants here. (Also a crazy thing for me to say since I used to hate going out to eat!) It was really the perfect city for me to fall in love with food.

hazelnut mocha, prosciutto + eggs, a po’boy, steak + asparagus

Other things not pictured that I tried include; sauerkraut, calamari, some tasty pea salad thing my mom made for Easter, granola, an orange, an apricot, grapefruit, and tons of different flavors of things. Trying different flavors is something I would never do before. “I like this so why would I try that?” I’ve ditched that mindset and embraced new flavors!

So that this isn’t just a post of me sharing crappy iPhone photos of delicious food I ate, I want to encourage you to try something new. I hear so many people claiming to not like certain things but really when was the last time they tried that item? Tastes change and there’s a great possibility that thing you haven’t eaten in 5+ years will be a new favorite! One of the best parts of this all has been that I actually haven’t
disliked very many things at all, basically just shrimp and citrus
, that means this whole time I’ve just been missing out on so many amazing foods!


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  • when they are back in season you should try clementines. In my opinion they are the best citrus. Tiny and sweet and not all stringy like oranges.
    and girl i hear you on learning to try things. I didn't try broccoli until i was 25 years old! and now I love it! Once i started branching out I was kind of mad at myself for missing out on so much for years.

    • I will! I want to like oranges so bad too. They smell amazing but the texture is just wrong.

      Exactly! I have so much catching up to do. I can't believe I never had some of this stuff until recently.

  • Man, chorizo and runny yolks — you are speaking my language. I went through a phase where I put a fried egg on anything. Chili fries? Lentils? Soup? Yep, yep, yep. There's a new burger place in town that serves a chorizo burger with fries and a fried egg on it and it is just unbelievable. Nice to hear you're having fun branching out, I used to be pretty picky, too. Off to make some chorizo mac now 😉

    • Hahah. I would probably do the same if I could figure out how to cook an egg. I've been taught a million times but I can just never do it right.

  • Yay!! Such a big step forward 🙂 I've always been one of those people that will try any food once, but I also grew up eating some pretty strange things (French family…). Shawn is more reserved in his food choices, like you, but he has opened up a lot to eating new things since we've been together.

    • I do not come from a family of adventurous eaters. I mean, they liked more food than I did but they're mashed potatoes and beans kind of people. I guess I just always figured if I didn't like that stuff too much then why would I like something "fancy".

  • Have you tried avocados? I was so convinced that I hated them until I had them on a sandwich and found out that I love them with other food! By themselves I just can't get past the texture. But now I put them on everything. They're super good for you too.