project 365 // days 150 – 157

150 : 365 Plants. Plants. Plants.
151 : 365 My boys, both of which are bed hogs.
152 : 365 My dad and his new baby. I cannot wait to share more photos of the sweet little critters my parents adopted.  
Make sure to stop back tomorrow to see, you might explode!
153 : 365 For years I hunted for a globe like this. A few months back I bought one at an estate sale and last week my parents picked up two more at a flea market. Pretty funny how that works.
A dye job I hated. I actually dyed my hair three times over the course of two days because I just could not get it right. This looks pretty in the photo but because of my hair cut the colors seemed to lay funny. I have never had such an awful time trying to get a dye job the way I want it. I can definitely appreciate how vibrant it is though.
 154 : 365 Klaus modeling a pouch I made for my mom’s phone.
 I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of living so close to the beach. To be able to bike there no sweat is seriously the best.
155 : 365 New plugs from Omerica Organic.
  (As always you can use rep code “daintysq” for 20% off!)
156 : 365 Outfit details from Valley Cruise Press.
 157 : 365 I have found a new favorite tea – coconut mango wuyi oolong tea! It’s the first tea I have ever had that’s just as flavorful as it smells. It’s seriously just so amazing.

The count down to my road trip is on! Well, it’s been on since the second I booked the flight…but it’s just insanely close now. I’m spending my weekend finishing up work, packing, and scouring the internet for awesome stops to make along the way.

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