project 365 // days 158 – 168

158 : 365 A new book, new sunglasses, a new granola obsession, and medicine for the same old chronic headaches.
159 : 365 Lady + Tramp wrestling.When I dropped Klaus off at my parents before my road trip I shot another round of photos of these two cuties. I actually haven’t looked through them yet though. I saw this shot, and that’s all. I’m excited to finally go through them soon.
Klaus has never really liked water but every time he goes to my parents he warms up to it a little more. This time he was going in belly deep, sticking his face in and blowing bubbles. He couldn’t possibly be any cuter.
160 : 365 Saguaro National Park!!!
161 : 365 Since we were driving past them, we had to stop and see the Cabazon dinosaurs again.
I found this beast on our first stop at the Pacific Ocean. Despite the fact it was dead it still made my day. I might have talked about it the whole rest of the day. It’s just so different from anything I’ve ever seen before.
162 : 365 Our rental car! Getting a rental car this trip was way more exciting than last time because we actually got to pick the car. We walked out to the lot, the guy checked the receipt then said they all had keys in them and to go choose one. This one caught my eye immediately. “This one?! Can we pick this one?! The red one? We can really take this?”
163 : 365 An abandoned restaurant. The first thing that comes to mind when I see this picture is that it was REALLY hot. We had been on the coast the previous day where I was freezing and then all of sudden, a few hours away, I felt like I might catch on fire. 
 164 : 365 We were cruising through Baker, California when Jeff spotted an alien on the roof of a building in the distance. My interested was immediately piqued, I had to go where ever that alien was. We wound up at Alien Fresh Jerky which was waaaay cool. They even have a pressed penny machine in there… I may have gotten all four designs.
165 : 365 Jeff at an scenic overlook. No idea where this is, I’m sure I could look it up but it’s really not important. What is important is that there was a sign that said I might not be able to see bighorn sheep but “rest assured they’re watching you.” Ooookay.
 166 : 365 Random desert finds. (Can I PLEASE drive that car?)

 167 : 365 Jeff booked us a nice hotel for our last night…except neither of us realized just how nice this place was. I’m pretty sure both of our jaws dropped when we walked in our room. I actually even facetimed my mom (forgetting it was late in Ohio) to show her the room. I had planned on taking photos to share on the blog but instead I just enjoyed the insanely cozy bed, huge bathtub, and super delicious room service. Yeah, we’re definitely ready to go back already. I highly, highly recommend The Wigwam.

 168 : 365 Shocked to see how much Lady changed in the week I was gone. Look at those ears!

Dirty legs (Crum + Klaus were excited to see me!), a tiny fox, and my Arizona souvenir inspired by the fact I stayed at the third and final Wigwam Village. (more on both of those things at a later date!)

Welp, that was a huge Project 365 post. I’m just trying to get caught up after missing last week. It’s been a craaaazy few weeks. The week before the trip I was hustling to get ahead, then I obviously did a ton of traveling, and now I’m hustling to get caught back up. I literally spent a whole day on emails this week. Now I’ve finally started going through the photos from the trip. I am SO excited to share more!!

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  • I am drooling over these sneak peaks of your trip out west, I can't wait to see the rest! I love how foggy and mysterious it looks in the photo of the car. And that alien place looks so neat!

  • Oh my gosh that bighorn sheep sign! Love it. That dead beasty is amazing, the legs look kinda like seaweed. I was in the garden last night and a huge bug slammed into the window, it seemed to have like beetle wing casings but frilly antenna like a moth, I'd never seen one before and it seemed kind of out of it, bumbling about. Then it fell off the window sill and I lost it. I really want to find one now though, our bugs seem to be getting a lot more interesting and bigger over the past few years.
    I can't wait to see more photos from your trip, looks like you had a great time.

  • Hey, if you met a super nice, muscular, blonde guy named Jeff at the Wigwam… well, he's my son-in-law! They live in Litchfield Park and he has worked at the Wigwam for a couple of decades. It is an awesome place to stay! xox Glad you liked it. I will relay that to Jeff.

  • Your pictures of random things in the desert reminded me of all the weird sculptures, paintings on rocks and other interesting things near the Great Salt Lake. Have you ever driven through there? There's also incredibly hulking swirling wind turbines that appear out of nowhere when you first enter the valley from the east. It's an amazing place for a curious photographer!